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STRDESIGN provides optimum suggestions of technology and technique on all website construction scenes and situations.
We especially put our effort into website structural design in website construction scenes. We discuss with our customers what kinds of functions and contents our customers want to include in the website, then, we provide optimum suggestions on suitable promotion tool including design and structural design, in order to match up demands of market.

Moreover, recently, many of our customers ask for consultation about ‘Measurement on changes after renewal of website’ and ‘Advice on improvement’.
STRDESIGN maximize the effective usage of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics after release of a website. We perform log collection, analyze data and report to our customers regularly (PDCA).

Once a website has been made, there will be many things on improvement that in order to maximize its performance and effectiveness until the next renewal. We shall study the real time data and make optimum suggestions on improvements which are able to enhance the continuousness of customers collecting and effectiveness of promotion.


Strength of STRDESIGN is ‘Direction’.
Production of a website depends on usage and purpose of customers. Familiar UI, link design, which affected by recent trend, might not serve the original purpose of our customers.

EC site shall has optimum link design for ’selling product’; website of a corporation shall tell ‘Identity, Trustworthiness, Reliability’ and other charming points and features of corporation; website of catalog shall have ‘plenty of links lead to purchases’, it could be performed by the presentation of product in different ways. For example, updated product searching system, detail pages of products. UI, design and system of them should be different depends on target and form of service of our customers.

STRDESIGN regards each customer as an individual party. Therefore, we listen to our customers on their business plan, development on business, in order to provide the most suitable design to all of our customers.
Moreover, we do not neglect on checking quality of the project and whether there are differences between the original design during in progress, especially the beginning of all our projects.

Things we concern

STRDESIGN concerns on 'Conversation with customers'.

STRDESIGN is able to provide any 'suggestion' as a 'web professionals'. Business scheme of our customers is business model which has been developed over a long period of time. Therefore, we utilize all our knowledge and experience to build appropriate website to enlarge the effectiveness of this business model in the platform of internet.

This creative system is not be able to realize without 'conversation with customers'.
For this reason, we shall not waste any one second during meeting with our customers. We listen to all our customers and discuss with them.

Design of Web direction is not a small-scale UI and design, but vision, infrastructure of the whole website. As to make appropriate suggestion to maximize utilities of a brand new website, directors themselves should be able to perform all the process in the construction site. (Design, coding, system construction, server construction). Directers are all educated and trained for all these skills.

Scope of work of STRDESIGN

STRDESIGN is able to provide all sorts of work in Web production at one-stop, and this is our scope of work. However, we mainly put our effort into 'structural design'.

Scope of work of STRDESIGN