STRDESIGN is recruiting web director/ web producer.
We welcome anyone who is outstanding at character, technique and skill, and who would like to be 'super director'.

Profile of candidate sought

Web director is the 'most important point' in one project.

A great web site should have an outstanding web director behind it. Also, a great web site should have an outstanding design.
The 'most important point' and 'design' is necessary in any kinds of production process. Cooking, building a house, making a car and etc.
STRDESIGN is finding this 'most important point' who would be able to carry out an outstanding 'design'.

Web director shall cooperate with experts (programmers, designers and etc) in order to produce good things. Therefore, 'learning technique by doing it yourselves' is necessary in our job.
New employees in STRDESIGN shall learn all the 'necessary knowledge and technique of constructing a website'. They include design, code, structure of system, log analytic and etc.

You are able to master all the technique and knowledge and able to do your work by yourselves after 5 years.
We does not stop your dream of independence from us.
Master all knowledge and technique, and be an expert, then you are also able to open your own company.

Human resources policy and corporate culture of STRDESIGN

We treat and teach new employees in the method of 'carrot and stick'.
We expect mid-careers to 'combine your own skills with skills in STRDESIGN'.

All staffs in STRDESIGN are easy to talk to, and we try our best to provide a vigorous working environment.

Working environment of STRDESIGN

Daily life in STRDESIGN

Staff interview

IKE Hitoshi(IkeJin):Employed in 2012

What made you start working in STRDESIGN?

A few years had already passed when I recognized. The first thing that made me work here would be 'there are many chances of doing different kinds of job in venture company'.

These chances might sometimes 'fail' or 'success', there must be a result. However, reconsidering these results and turn them into my treasure would be the must important thing.

The second would be 'comfortability of the company'.
You might think it is a very small thing. In office, we are very serious on working, but we also have conversation about something that is not related to our job (we also have Birthday party and etc). That is all I felt when I was having internship during job hunting.

In conclusion, I found that I had many waeknesses in the past. For example, 'nervous' about 'what to do', 'weak in mental' and lack of skill. However, eliminate these weaknesses and I am able to become who I am today. I think that is the most valuable property that I have.

Something about STRDESIGN

STRDESIGN mainly works on structural design of website. Actually, not only web service, but STRDESIGN is also good at working on different media and project managements and etc.

I am still have insufficiencies, but Yoshio and each director/ staff have their own charming points. Sometimes we might have different opinion on one thing. However, we are flexible enough to discuss and combine each others thingkings in order to meet the purpose.
Therefore, main job would be website production, but we are able to discover our strengths by doing different jobs besides of website. I can feel that power of taking proper steps to meet the situation and own character combined and becomes mature everyday.
In addition, most of the structural design is based on request of our customers. STRDESIGN is able to provide reasonable and credible structural/ visual design.

General speaking, besides of work, interior of office would be changed into Christmas mode when Christmas comes. STRDESIGN is aware of events. For example, year-party in the end of one year. We play happily when we are playing, and 'ON' and 'OFF' can be switched between very quickly.

STRDESIGN is still a growing company. Do not forget about to stop and take a rest sometimes, and the flexiblity for environment of small numbers of members andto upgrade yourselves.

KUAN (Kuan.C):Employed in 2015

What made you start working in STRDESIGN?

During job hunting, I mainly searched on jobs which are ideals of 'being helpful in this society' and 'fully utilizing my abilities'.

Actually, when I become an employee, these ideals would be fulfilled. Therefore, the most important thing is the ambience of a company.
If executive of a company scolds his staff every day; other colleagues are not willing to answer your questions even if you have questions, I will not choose that company absolutely.

Everyone in STRDESIGN is very kind to me since the internship of screening test.
If I have any question about my work, they teach me immediately.
Not only talking about work, we also talk about not related to work. For example, something we like recently and etc.
You can speak to anybody because everyone here is easy to talk to.

The reason why I chose STRDESIGN is this ambience of just like at home and we are able to work happily.

Something about STRDESIGN

We have free presentation in office once a month.
Each colleague takes charge of each presentation in order.

There is no restrictions on subject of presentation, that sometimes makes me distressed. However, this presentation can train our skill on presenting. Also, all colleagues have different hobbies and studied in different fields, subjects of presentations are totally different. In a result, I have learnt something that I have not known before.
In addition, each presentation is prepared by each colleague individually, each presentation has its own novelty.

At the end of the presentation, we usually have a Q & A corner. We always giving feedbacks and asking something that we want to know.

Kanako(Kanako.S):Will be employed in 2016

What made you start working in STRDESIGN?

I saw recruitment of STRDESIGN on homepage of my university during my job hunting.
I am interested in working on something related to internet, so I have visited some companies.

The reason why I chose STRDESIGN is attitude of STRDESIGN during the internship of screening test. It shows me the attitude of 'watching us' and the exact jobs and daily life of this company.

It also shows me that STRDESIGN want me to decide after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of it. The ambience of this company is very comfortable but with 'work hard, play hard'. That made me want to work and learn here and become successful.
I chose STRDESIGN after the last step of screening test.

Something about STRDESIGN

I am very shocked that the ambience of STRDESIGN is the same as I saw during internship of screening test. It is moderate as a cafe, but serious in works.

Distance between executive and staffs is very close. When I saw colleagues discussing layout of homepage or something else with executive directly, I want to learn more and do the same thing as they are doing immediately.
Moreover, when we play, we play very hard. 'Word hard, play hard' is the charming point. I have attended some parties of STRDESIGN, I strongly felt 'work hard, play hard'.

In summary, distance between everyone is very close, and it is the most charming point for me.

Application requirements

Application requirements are as the following:

Process of recruitment

If you are interested in STRDESIGN, please feel free to contact us through inquiry form.