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This is an instruction of usage of contents posted by Structural Design Strategy inc. ("STRDESIGN") in this website ("Website"). Disclosing contents of STRDESIGN is the purpose of this Website. STRDESIGN takes careful investigation before disclosing the contents. However, there might have mistakes in them.

About handling of contents

ALL the copyrights of contents in this Website belongs to STRDESIGN.
Contents in this Website are free to be used/ reused for personal and commercial purposes. However, if there is any disadvantage to STRDESIGN, STRDESIGN shall request on stopping the usage on them.
When STRDESIGN request on stopping the usages of contents in this Website, no matter personal or commercial purposes, we suppose our customers knew that usages of contents shall be stopped immediately.
Moreover, contents might have possibility to be changed or stopped without informing our customers.

About links

You are able to link to this Website from any platform without permission of STRDESIGN.
However, all pages in this Website might have possibility of changes or closure without informing our customers.

Disclaimer Clause

Accuracy and validity of contents in this Website decided by our customers themsleves.
Customers who is harmed, damaged (all disadvantages) by using or reusing information got from the contents, STRDESIGN is not responsible on this. Customers, who use our contents, have all the responsibility on it.

Terms of use

Terms of use of STRDESIGN (this page) will always be reconsidered, and updated without informing our customers.
The effective date of these Terms of Use is 1st December, 2008. Terms of Use were written in Japanese (JP). To the extent any translated version conflicts with the Japanese version, the Japanese version controls.

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